Country Requirements



Required Documents
  1. Degree or Graduation Certificate/Diploma- Official Attested degree or graduation certificate/diploma showing degree conferred and date awarded.
  2. Individual Mark Sheets- All individual mark sheets indicating all subjects taken and marks obtained for all years of post-secondary study – issued by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations. Consolidated Mark Sheets will NOT be accepted. NOTE: College-issued and attested mark sheets will NOT be accepted unless from an autonomous college. To check whether your college has autonomous status, please visit

U.S. Bachelor Equivalency
  1. Bachelor Degree (3-year/Master)- A Bachelor degree consisting of three years of full-time study, in addition to a completed Master degree.
  2. Bachelor Degree- A Bachelor's degree consisting of four or more years of study.

  1. Please Note- Student records, including your transcripts and certification of degree, submitted to the university become the property of the university and cannot be returned to or copied for the student or released to a third party. Please do not send your only original copy of your transcripts/degree certificate. For complete information regarding UCF's Transcript and Evaluation policy, visit our International Applicants page . If you have specific questions about your documents prior to submission, please contact our evaluators at

Document requirements, and equivalency information, may vary from institution to institution within a given country.  As a result, we may require additional information depending on the particular institution and educational system.

If documents are written in a language other than English, a certified translation in English must be provided together with the original language records.  Any translated record should be literal and not an interpretive translation.  Acceptable English translations may be provided by sworn court-approved translators, qualified translators working within university foreign language departments, and from reputable translation agencies.

Academic credentials should be mailed to:

UCF College of Graduate Studies
Millican Hall, Room 230
PO Box 160112
Orlando, FL 32816-0112

If sending through FEDEX/UPS: 

UCF College of Graduate Studies
4365 Andromeda Loop N.
Millican Hall, Room 230
Orlando, FL 32816-0112

NOTE: In addition to these requirements, your program may require that applicants submit an outside course-by-course evaluation with GPA calculation. We accept evaluation from World Education Services, Inc.,, and Josef Silny and Associates, Inc.,

To verify whether or not an outside evaluation is required for your specific program:

  1. Visit UCF's Graduate Application Deadlines and Requirements page at Click on the specific program AND track (if applicable) you are applying to
  2. If an outside evaluation is required, you will see the following statement; "Applicants applying to this program who have attended a college/university outside the United States must provide a course-by-course credential evaluation with GPA calculation. Credential evaluations are accepted from World Education Services (WES) or Josef Silny and Associates, Inc. only."

If you have any questions, please contact us at